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Volunteer with us

If you are interested in volunteering with Algerian Women Scientists, to share your talents, build new skills & personal growth, and network & give back to the community, please fill out the form below.

We encourage micro-volunteering tasks, however, the time commitment is ~2-3 hrs/month. This still varies depending on assignments; a few times a year, more substantial time may be required.

General Desired Skills:

  • Google Drive 

  • Organizational skills

  • Written and oral communication skills

  • Content & design creation (posters, flyers, videos) for social media platforms

  • Event planning


  • Create and manage content and coordinate activities with other teams.

  • General tasks include: Listserv management, website and social media maintenance, writing or art creativity, and external marketing of our events.


  • Plan and execute events, typically held monthly.

  • Activities include coordination of speakers, zoom links, management of registration for the event and interaction with the Communication Committee to market the event, and finally create post-event surveys.​

  • For each event there will be a small team event planning by email (~1-3 hrs/week in advance of event).


  • Network at local events or online,​

  • Help recruit new members; registration to sign up new members and help explain the benefits of membership;

  • Help come up with a strategy to increase diversity (field of study, career level, employment sector, location...) and number of members;

  • Help develop handouts for new members;​ 

  • Collect and analyze data on membership. 


  • Manage mentoring circle program.

  • Activities include mentor and mentee recruitment, application update, circle matching, circle management, resource packet assembling, planning of mentor training events as well as the kickoff and end of mentoring match.


  • Cultivates relationships with potential partners in support of our mission and events.

  • Maintains sponsor database and ensures appropriate acknowledgment of donations upon receipt.

  • Revenue or donations have to be a service or advertisement to our community.

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