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The mentoring program is closed.

E-Mentoring is at the heart of alwis program

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Mentee application

Mentees register through an online form to express their interest and detail their career goals. A detailed and thorough description is essential to understand the support they need.



We connect a mentee to a mentor that suits the best their career plan. Our mentors are experienced scientists that will use their expertise to provide guidance.


Mentoring resume

Mentees meet their mentor online once a month during the mentoring program. Together they’ll set activities and milestones to achieve their aspirations.

"ALWIS mentors are amazing scientists volunteering with their time and energy."

Online Learning

Join us aS A mentor

Requirements to become an ALWIS mentor:

  • Bachelor’s degree minimum,

  • Experience in mentoring,

  • Excellent communication skills,

  • To have enough time to connect online with a mentee,

  • A mandatory meeting is scheduled with a senior mentor prior to being signed in. 

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