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Sonia Chibane

Leader of ALWIS Chemistry Community

I am Sonia Chibane from Bouira. I have a master's degree in chemical engineering and I'm currently enrolled for a master's degree in environmental engineering. I am passionate about science in general and chemistry in particular and I remain very keen on the environment. I am also an unconditional fan of Marie Curie because, for me, she embodies all the courage and devotion as well as the struggle of a lifetime to make people understand that a woman can go as far as a man and even beyond. I am therefore inspired by her career and embarked on this adventure as a leader of  “ALWIS chemistry community”. I am deeply convinced that humanity cannot move forward by shedding its half. Driven by a surge of feminine solidarity "women for women" I place myself entirely at the service of the noble ideals of the foundation which are sharing, mutual aid, inspiration, and aspiration for a better future for women in studies as well as at work. We are an echo to your voice and through various activities, we want to know you and know your background. We do not skimp on efforts, whether by organizing meetings, workshops, conferences or simply sharing experiences with our peers. Take your test tubes and come join us at the small square of chemist women !!

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