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Sarah Helal

ALWIS Chair of Communication

I'm from a small town in Algeria, where I lived most of my life. Growing up, my curiosity about biology-related topics led me to pursue a Master's degree in Molecular and cell Immunology. Then, I joined an Algerian Pharmaceutical company as a research assistant, where I had the opportunity to work on exciting projects on antiviral development.


After a short and non-successful Ph.D. experience abroad, I am back to my old position while still striving toward research and academia. As a Scicommer, I actively contribute to the online SciComm community by sharing educative content to inform, educate, raise awareness, and help fight misinformation.


I joined ALWIS because I believe that as a community, we can build a safe, reliable, and efficient collaborative network to help Algerian women in science thrive towards a successful path.

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