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Sabryna Kamiri

Volunteer with ALWIS Electronics Community

Greetings, My name is Kamiri Sabryna, I'm 20 years old, a student of Telecommunications at U.S.T.H.B. I'm a graduate with a license degree in telecommunications, and in the past 3 years of my study, I managed to gain many experiences about networking field besides discovering my new personal skills and being able to develop my ideas across that field. Volunteering with ''ALWIS'' was a great experience in my personal career because it felt like a suitable place for any of my ideas in order to bring them into reality, what I liked most about it, was that I developed the ability to make a speech in front of public which was an issue for me previously, everyone is creative in their way, and ''ALWIS'' is the place where they extract every piece of creativity inside us and they have all the space for it, just like unlimited cloud storage, indeed.

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