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Top skills you should definitely have ​to succeed as a student

1- Networking: As a student, you must have a network and take care of building it well. Choosing a mentor or a group of mentors could play a key role in your learning journey. Also, your LinkedIn profile should be your virtual showcase, exchange, talk to experts and keep learning from them.

2- Communication skills: To succeed in any teamwork or the smaller exchange that you could maintain, the minimum communication skills are crucial. Learn how to approach people properly and make sure you get the message across.

3- Critical thinking: Don't follow the herd, don't be a follower, create your own path. In engineering or in any other field, it's important to build one's own ideas and to support them with consistent arguments. Scientists often fall into technical conflicts because each of them constructs his own vision of things and that is what makes the difference and the diversity.

4- Goal setting: Learn how to set goals and make your best to achieve them. Your goal can be small, and figure the more we grow the more our ambitions grow with us. Great life goals await you in the future. Just be patient and persistent and never give up.

5- Adaptability: As an engineer, it is essential to adapt to any unexpected change. Be versatile and learn as much as you can that would be your weapon later in the professional world.

6- Problem-solving: Engineers are there to solve problems. Take care to fully understand and analyze the problem and then suggest rational and effective solutions. Do not hesitate to consult other people, it could help you to provide the solution.

7- Creativity: Creative people always seduce, proposing a plan that is out of the ordinary can mark the person concerned. Be insightful and concise in your remarks and outcomes.

Learning has never been a chore it is an ongoing process that each of us should cherish and pursue. And finally be yourself! Get inspired but don't emulate anyone.
The power is inside of you!

_by Nina Chalah; ALWIS Petroleum Community Leader

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