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ALWIS Visited TotalEnergies

Today we celebrate the #internationalwomeninengineeringday and at ALWIS community, we are proud to count with us several incredible Algerian women engineers. On this day we want to share the recent opportunity and the first field trip of one of our communities.Yesterday, June 22nd, ALWIS Petroleum Engineering Community was invited by TotalEnergies Algeria for a guided tour of their office at ElBiar, Algiers. We had the pleasure to meet and be received by Wassila boubekeur, Sustainability & communication Manager at TotalEnergies Algeria, who gave us the best welcome and showed us around the offices.

The ALWIS group counted several students that are all members of ALWIS and belong to the ALWIS Petroleum Engineering community which included Nina CHALAH; leader of the community, Amina Salesse, ALWIS Mentor, and ALWIS members: Radia Kermaoui, Rayane nour el houda LABIDI, Wissal Madaci, Souada MEHENNI, Dahmani Ines, and Sarah Helal ALWIS chair of communication.

We received a very insightful and informative presentation by Wassila who allowed us to learn more about the company and its ambitions. Wassila organized the whole day and was very kind and open to discussing all opportunities with everyone.

We also met with Mr. Samir Oumer, Managing Director and Country Chair of TotalEnergies Algeria who took the time to share with us his journey in the Petroleum engineering field. The conversation with Mr. Samir Oumer was very rich and interactive. He was very keen on listening to all the students and exchanging with them about the positions of Algerian women engineers in the oil field. We really appreciated hearing his supportive thoughts for the graduating student, soon-to-be future women engineers.

Finally, we were thrilled to meet Lamia KERBABI, Director of Petroleum Assets in TotalEnergies, Algeria. Lamia shared with us her exceptional success story from her trainee days at Schlumberger, to her amazing international career, to her position today. It was an incredible exchange on both technical and human levels. This encounter allowed ALWIS petroleum engineers to discuss several technical aspects with Lamia and received precious advice to carry and implement in their career journey.

We are very grateful and thankful to the TotalEngeries team for their kindness and support to ALWIS Petroleum Engineering Community and we look forward to future exchanges.

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