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Algeria has the highest rate of women engineers in the world ​

"Algeria has the highest rate of women engineers in the world with Benin and Brunei (54.6% and 52.3% respectively). According to the Unesco report, entitled the Race against Time for Smarter Development, released in February 2021, Algeria has a female engineer graduate proportion of 48.5%."

The picture below spotlight an ALWIS Member, Nina Chalah, a drilling engineering student at Oil and Chemistry University of Boumerdes and a youth activist, during her training, at Hassi Messaoud in Algeria, with an international Oil and Gas company, Nabors.

Nina Chalah accepted to answer our questions:

📍Why did you choose an engineering field?

I wanted to be an engineer ever since I was little. Since I was a child, I didn't see myself working in an office; I knew that petroleum engineering is an area where I could make a difference.

📍How is it to be a woman engineer in Algeria?

In Algeria, we have talented women in all STEM fields, and it is still an area to improve and work on more. We strive for equal rights, but we don't have equal opportunities here in Algeria.

📍Do you encourage other girls to follow your path?

Of course, I encourage all the girls to follow my path and more. The petroleum field still a male-dominated industry nowadays. I firmly believe that women can add a lot to this field.

📍My message for women who want to be future petroleum engineers is to go for it and not build to yourself limits that don't exist. Remember to dream big and achieve bigger! All my best.

_ By Nina Chalah, Driling Engineering

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