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Advices from Dr. Nawel Baba Hamed to fight discrimination in science

With 20 years of expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, management, and corporate strategy, Dr. Nawal BABA HAMED has been named in 2008 General Manager of the Pierre Fabre Group's activities in Algeria (Pharmaceuticals Dermo-Cosmetics, Personal Care, Medical Care & Oncology).

She holds a Doctorate in Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine of Oran, as well as an Executive MBA ICG Master of business administration, strategy, and management, delivered by the IFG Paris (French Institute of Management), completed with an MAE delivered by the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines. In 2016, She obtained from Georgetown University the "General Management Executive Program" certificate in Washington, DC. Nawel is also the leader of the Health Synergy Group of French companies in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry.

ALWIS team invited Nawel as a panelist for our Picture a scientist discussion panel (April 10th, 2021) to give us her input as an Algerian women scientist in industry. Amongst the tips that Nawel gave during the event:

"Women must assert themselves, be strong, and never lower their heads. Indeed, women need to learn how to say a strict "No" when facing discriminatory comments and behavior. Don't be shy or try to be politically correct when you confront an incorrect situation."

She also encourages companies and universities to put procedures or mechanisms that allow denouncing an unethical situation without exposing the complainant.

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