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Nour Benbahouche, Ph.D.

ALWIS Mentor

I was born, raised, and had my entire education until my Master’s degree in Algeria. Afterward, I went to France for a Ph.D., where I joined the group of Dr. Edouard Bertrand at the IGMM of Montpellier and worked on many protein complexes required for RNA maturation. After my Ph.D., I moved to the UK and joined the group of Pr. Martin Bushell at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research as a postdoctoral fellow. My research project aimed at targeting the protein LARP1 to overcome treatment resistance in cancer cells, and since that, I am pursuing my scientific career in the cancer research field.


Despite their omnipresence in scientific fields, Algerian women in science remain underestimated, and there is no doubt that a more collaborative network needs to be built. Thus, by joining this fantastic group, I am ready to mentor, network, and collaborate but most importantly, to inspire and be inspired.

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