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Nina Chalah

Leader of ALWIS Petroleum Engineering Community

I am Nina CHALAH, a drilling engineer who graduated from the faculty of Oil and chemistry. I am currently working for SLB (ex-Schlumberger) as a Hydraulic Fracturing Field Engineer. 


Being a female field engineer is something I do recommend to all future petroleum engineers, both women, and men, because it helps to get out and think outside of the box on both technical and interpersonal levels. 


I joined ALWIS after its creation and now I am in charge of creating a petroleum engineering women's community. As a frac engineer, my main aim is to help women to get involved in this industry which is still nowadays a men-dominated one. ​I have a firm belief that women are talented enough and really appropriate to any kind of job including working under hard conditions in offshore or onshore rigs.


Come and join us. I am sure that you’re going to enjoy it!

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