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Nawel Khelil

ALWIS Mentor

My name is Nawel Khelil, an Algerian-Dutch Health Scientist who loves writing, traveling, and discovering science and culture. I grew up in a small city in the south of the Netherlands and pursued my studies after high school in Amsterdam, at the Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam. After completing a bachelor's in Biomedical Sciences, I choose to develop myself into two sides of the medical field: Public Health and Epidemiology. After finishing my master's, I started working as a research coordinator in the field of Cardiology, more specifically in resuscitation studies: the ARREST-study (Amsterdam Resuscitation Studies). People describe me as highly ambitious, studious, and open-minded.


Because of my love for inspiring people, I write blogs on social media. I also work as a social entrepreneur for the organization, a Dutch Algerian-inspired community for Women Empowerment. I have a lot of experience in teaching, mentoring, supervising, and empowering women. Still, of course, I do have my skills in the field of Health and Medical Sciences and wish to offer my set of interests to fellow Algerian scientists. I think success comes from the power you get from both yourself and others, and I would love to share my experiences with you! Hope to meet you soon.

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