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Lina Amrani

Leader of ALWIS Biology Community

I was born in Libya and raised in Batna, Algeria, I moved to Malaysia in June 2021 where I am currently doing my Ph.D. I graduated as the first of my class in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Batna 02, Algeria. I grew up in an academic environment where I was encouraged to pursue higher education, and with my passion for the field of biological sciences, I chose to pursue a doctoral degree in microbiology and molecular biology at Universiti Malaya, Malaysia under the supervision of Dr. Jasmine Elanie Khairat. Thanks to Sarah Helal who introduced ALWIS to me, I became a member in 2020 and a leader of the ALWIS Biology Community in August 2021. Our mission is to plan and organize scientific events (workshops, webinars) for the purpose of sharing our knowledge and expertise, helping young biologists to excel in their studies, and encouraging more women into studying biology. Come and join us!

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