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Lilia Megherbi, MD.

Volunteer with ALWIS MDs Community

I am an Algerian Medical Doctor. I graduated from the faculty of medicine of Tizi Ouzou in 2018. I pursue post-graduation training in Neurology currently. As a child, I always wanted to help people, which motivated me to become a doctor. At med school, I loved neurology and was inclined towards neurosciences and exploring the human brain. During the past four years of training in the department of neurology of the University Hospital of Tizi Ouzou, I had the opportunity to work with patients with different neurological disorders, mainly multiple sclerosis, neuroinflammatory diseases, stroke, epilepsy and memory deficits. I developed a particular interest in Neuroimmunology and Multiple sclerosis, as well as academic research. I participated in many national and international congresses with research work and case reports. I was granted the ACTRIMS Young Investigator Grant in 2021.
Volunteering has been one of my favourite pastimes since my childhood. During my Uni time, I was an active member of many student clubs and associations. We worked to raise awareness among people about the different health issues and preventive methods. As an ALWIS mentee since November 2020, I had the opportunity to expand my network and learn from many Algerian women scientists all over the globe, which encouraged me to volunteer with them.

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