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Fatima Benhamida, Ph.D.

ALWIS Mentor

Passionate about computer science, I got my Engineering degree in computer science in 2006 from the Higher National School of Computer Science, ESI. I got a post-graduation degree in 2009, followed by a Ph.D. thesis in 2015. I have been working as Assistant Professor at ESI, Algeria. My research interests include topics related to the Internet of Things, communication reliability, and other challenging areas like Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, and security. I have also worked as a Senior Engineer at the National Company of Electricity and Gaz. I supervised network and security systems, managed the IT team, held workshops for non-IT users, and worked as a board member for the ISO certifications program. As I start counting, I could remember 60+ mentees who I coached along with their undergraduate studies, final projects (engineer, master, Ph.D.), or professional immersion. Mentoring is part of my job as a professor but also one of my favorite volunteering activities.


Being a strong advocate of promoting technology access for every person, especially women and girls in isolated regions, I committed to giving part of my day to serve my community and inspire many others worldwide. I am certified as a head judge for Technovation competitions (reviewing projects online) for both girls and families editions. I am also a board member of Techwomen Techgirls club (Algeria chapter), where we set programs to encourage women and girls to get involved in STEM.

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