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Fatima Benckeikh, Ph.D.

ALWIS Mentor

I was born in Sidi Bel Abbes and grown up in Oran, Algeria. I graduated from Univesité des Sciences et de la Technologie d'Oran Mohammed Boudhiaf (USTO-MB) with an electronic engineering degree in 2004. Then, I worked as an engineer and team leader of the after-sale service at Samha, Samsung, for three years. Passionate about scientific research and new technologies, I moved to France to study and specialize in micro and nanoelectronics. I obtained a Master's research in nanoelectronic devices from Aix-Marseille University, France, in 2012 with thesis work on ink-jet printed organic solar cells.

In 2015, I received a Ph.D. degree in micro and nanoelectronics from Aix-Marseille University, France. My Ph.D. thesis focused on the optical characterization and modeling of organic solar cells. Eager to discover a new way of life and new work culture, I moved to the land of the rising sun, Japan, in 2016.

From 2016 to 2019, I have been working as a postdoctoral fellow under the supervision of the distinguished professor, Pr. Chihaya Adachi who pioneered a new technology known as thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) in the Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research (OPERA) at Kyushu University. My research interest is organic optoelectronic devices with a focus on OLED and organic semiconductor lasers.


In March 2019, I co-founded a start-up venture named KOALA Tech. Inc., an innovative high-tech start-up company; whose goal is to pioneer practical applications of organic semiconductor laser diode that has been recently realized at Kyushu University. I am CTO of KOALA Tech and a visiting associate professor at Kyushu University. Given my international background, I collaborate with research groups in Australia, Europe, UK, and China.


My motto: Dream big, think out of the box, and be passionate about every action you take that leads to positive changes in your life and surroundings.

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