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Echaima Amine-Khodja

Leader of ALWIS Astrophysics Community

Hey, I am Cheima. I am 23 years old, graduated in astrophysics from Constantine 1 Freres  Mentouri university. My passion for astronomy started very early in my childhood when I questioned myself about skies, moon, stars, their colors & sizes…etc. I enjoyed my time watching dark skies and imagining the large space more than anything else. For this reason, I wanted to start an academic path in the same field which is astrophysics. To me having my Master’s degree is just a small step toward achieving my goal, which is becoming a professional astrophysicist and creating a large community of astronomers and astrophysicists. Also showing the beauty of this field to the large public, sharing knowledge, and making astronomy accessible to everyone in our country Algeria. Finally, I thank Fatima Bencheikh who introduced me to the ALWIS Community, and Anissa Belfetmi who encouraged me to become a leader of the ALWIS Astrophysics community starting from January 2022. Our mission is to organize scientific events (workshops, webinars, conferences ) for the purpose of sharing our knowledge and expertise, helping young astronomers and astrophysicists to excel in their studies, and encouraging more women into studying Astrophysics. Come and join us!

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