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Bahia Hakiki, MD., Ph.D.

ALWIS Mentor

I was born in Algeria (Oran) and, as a child, I wanted to become a doctor. After graduating from secondary school, I moved with my family to France (Paris), where I completed high school. I then moved to Italy and graduated in Medicine, then specialized in Neurology at the University of Florence. During my Ph.D. in Psychology and Neurosciences at the Florence University Hospital, I worked with patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. During those years, I acquired a research method applied to clinical practice, including clinical and instrumental diagnosis, pharmacological treatment through participation in international clinical trials, clinical and neurocognitive management of the chronic phase, attending national and international congresses. I carried out my post-doctoral activity at a Rehabilitation and Research Institute on patients with neurological diseases and became passionate about neurorehabilitation and Disorders of Consciousness.

In parallel, I underwent traditional Chinese medicine training, which opened up a new perspective in my approach to the human person as a doctor. Therefore I gradually integrated acupuncture into my daily clinical practice. I am currently head of a research group on acquired severe brain injuries, combining my two passions: clinical practice and research. My motto is: as long as you live, you can always learn, improve and grow.

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