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Amel Makour

Volunteer with Community & Event Team

I am a graduate with a master’s degree in Biochemistry of Nutrition from Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi-Ouzou. I aim to pursue my Ph.D. studies in the field of nutrition and health. Through my academic path, I was privileged to live amazing experiences by volunteering in two associations. Not only it revealed my human side but it also nudged me on a personnel level. From a mission to another, I was stretching out of my comfort zone. I was unlocking my potential in new areas; public speaking, teaching, bringing creative ideas, and implementing them.
Volunteering within ALWIS has come across an imminent transition in my life which is post-graduation. No matter how small, crazy, or big the idea is, they listened to me. More importantly, they gave me the space to make it happen with a strong belief that I could do it. Hence, they let my personality and creativity shine and rise through content creation.

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