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Empowering Algerian Women 

& Girls Worldwide 

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Join us in commemorating the International
Day of Women and Girls in Science!

The entrepreneurial landscape in Algeria has experienced a remarkable flourish in recent years, catalyzing innovative solutions to address specific challenges within Algerian society and stimulate economic growth.


At the heart of this transformative journey, we firmly believe that women in STEMM hold a pivotal role in shaping this entrepreneurial narrative. Their unique perspectives not only contribute to solving problems within their home country but also resonate as a powerful force for positive change on a global scale.

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🗣️ We will host a diverse panel of speakers from various STEM backgrounds who have built successful businesses, whether in Algeria or abroad.

  • Fatima Bencheikh, Ph.D., CEO &CTO, Chairman & representative director of the board of Koala tech

  • Fella Bouti, Ph.D., Founder & CEO of EcoTashira

  • Chourouk Benmebarek, MD., Founder & CEO of Andrass

  • Yamina Fassouli Harzallah, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Safet Integrated Solution


Hear their inspiring journeys as female entrepreneurs in STEMM and engage in a panel discussion uncovering the conditions and tools fostering women in business. 

Save the Date: February 9th, 2 PM on Zoom

" The exchange of ideas during the workshops generates new research ideas and creates opportunities for joint projects. Scientific thought needs a collective discussion that complements the individual effort, which is what we achieve by having Algerian women researchers worldwide discussing. "

Anissa Belfetmi, ALWIS Founder

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