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Educational Platforms

If you're looking for free educational courses with a certificate, this post is for you! Here are few interesting resources and platforms that offer a wide variety of courses from IT, programming, biology, management, business, human resources, and more to learn new

skills or boost your career.

  1. Google (; Google is more than a searching tool, it also offers a lot of free individual modules or an entire course in Digital marketing, Career development, Data, and tech through Google Garage with no time limits, unlimited access, videos and a free certificate in some cases.

  2. Edx (, You have access to hundreds of courses provided by Harvard, MIT, Microsoft, and more.

  3. Harvard (; Harvard is one of the top universities that offer free online learning in health and medicine, mathematics, data science, programming, and more via the Edx platform.

  4. Coursera (; With Coursera, you can choose to enroll in a project or a course from top universities and companies. You may also get a certificate for free for some courses.

  5. Saylor Academy (; Saylor provides a wide range of learning prospects with a free certificate that is credit transferable by its college/university partners.

  6. LinkedIn learning (; During 1 trial month, you can take any online course and receive a printable certificate for free.

All you need is a connected device to a network. If you’re reading this, then just jump on these opportunities that may change your career path.
For more learning opportunities, check our Resources section!

_ By Amel Makour, ALWIS Volunteer

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